Residential 15 Year Limited Craftsmanship Warranty


As of January 1, 2012 DFW Stoneworks has increased from a 1 Year Limited Craftsmanship Warranty to a 15 Year Limited Warranty.

Who is covered by this warranty?

• This warranty applies to DFW Stoneworks permanently installed countertop(s) during the warranty period.
• This warranty is non-transferable, with the only except of builder owner non-resident transferable to buyer resident occupant(s).

What is the period of coverage?

• This 15 Year Limited Craftsmanship Warranty remains in force from the original purchase agreement date.

What does this warranty cover?

• DFW Stoneworks permanently installed for residential countertop use.
• Defects in fabrication/craftsmanship of first choice stone purchased through DFW Stoneworks for countertops.
• Defects caused by improper installation of your DFW Stoneworks countertop(s), As determined by the Marble Institute of America, Residential Stone Countertop Installation (Technical Module).
• Stains from food and beverages (Note: This only applies with the purchase of a 15 Year Sealer Program).
• Seam performance.
• Cost limited to repair or replacement of affected countertop(s) piece. This warranty does not include plumbing, gas, electrical, tile, wallpaper, painted surface or trim cost, incurred due to replacement of your countertop.

What will we do to correct problems?

• Inspect countertop(s), if problems are deemed to be abuse or other uncovered points outlined herein you may be billed for a standard service call.
• Stains from food and beverages will be treated by applying a poultice (or other method deemed necessary) supplied by DFW Stoneworks. This may take more than one application. New sealer will be supplied after applying the stain removal treatment. (Note: This only applies with the purchase of a 15 Year Sealer Program).
• We will repair or replace, at our option, if DFW Stoneworks craftsmanship is found to be defective.

How do you get service?

• Contact DFW Stoneworks via email, phone or form below.


Phone: 214-447-7333


If you are filing a Warranty Claim, please fill out the Warranty Form below and send it into

This warranty does not cover.

•  Countertops moved from their original permanent placement.
• Natural characteristics of stone, such as, but not limited to; surface pitting, inclusions, fissures, variations in color, gloss level and texture, depth and clarity.
• Damage due to physical abuse, such as, but not limited to; excess weight, standing, sitting, walking on, impacts whether accidental or intentional, excess heat, fire or flame.
• Staining due to chemicals, such as, but not limited to; paint, stain, putty oils or residue, oils, acids, metal cleaners, oven cleaners, solvents, and alkalis.
•  Damage or injury caused in part or in whole by acts of God, job site conditions, structural movement or settling, architectural or engineering design, accidents or vandalism.
•  Seam placement or location, size, color or appearance of seams, color match from piece to piece, seam separation or opening due to movement, impacts, excess weight or settling.
•  This warranty covers only the repair or replacement of the actual section of the material that is determined to be damaged by the manufacturer's investigation. No other cost, expenses, materials, labor, damages or reimbursements associated with the damaged products are covered under this warranty. 
•  Commercial uses or abnormal conditions, such as, but not limited to; use in stores, restaurants, dormitories, apartments, offices, exteriors, trains, recreational vehicles, boats or aircraft.
•  This warranty does not include products and materials (stone slabs, tile, vanity, sink(s), faucet(s), accessories, etc... (Note: Most faucet, sink and other accessories manufactures provide a direct limited warranty on product and material manufactured).

• Plumbing and Electrical work has a warranty of 90 days. 

What you must do to keep this warranty in effect?

• Proof of full payment required.
• Use only DFW Stoneworks approved products and procedures as found in the DFW Stoneworks Care & Use Guide.
• Have your countertop sealed by DFW Stoneworks every 3 years. (For food and beverage stain protection). (Note: This does NOT apply with the purchase of a 15 Year Sealer Program).